Available Learnerships In South Africa
Available Learnerships In South Africa

CATHSSETA Learnerships 2023

CATHSSETA Learnerships 2023



A learnership is a workplace-based training programme comprising both structured practical workplace and structured theoretical training. A learnership leads to a qualification that is registered the South African Qualifications Authority and that is associated with a trade, qualification or profession. The duration of a learnership depends on the employer that is offering it. Both unemployed learners and employed learners can participate in a learnership through an employer.


An internship is a programme designed to give university and university of technology graduates/learners an opportunity to extend their academic qualifications with structured workplace exposure and specialised training. Participants are offered a full-time placement in a company or government department, the purpose of which is to provide the learner with workplace experience that builds on the qualification.

Work Integrated Learning Programmes

Historically, learners from technical and vocational education and training (TVET) colleges have struggled to find employment at the end of their studies. However, with the Department of Higher Education and Training’s renewed focus on the promotion TVET colleges and the qualifications they offer, there is a drive to increase the number of artisans in the country. These artisans will need work place experience as part of their training. The SETAs are therefore required to assist in placing learners with employer for this component of their training.

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Our work integrated learning programme aims to place learners who are registered with TVET colleges and who require internships to complete their training with employers. Under this programme, we also place unemployed graduates who have completed their qualification and are not employed to due to lack of work experience.


An apprenticeship is similar to a learnership programme, but is mostly prevalent in trade occupations. The duration of an apprenticeship can range anywhere from 18 months to three years, and results in a formal qualification. Theory and practice is combined in a single learning process. On completion of both the theory and practical components, the apprentice sits for a trade test which leads to professional certification.

Skills Programmes

A skills programme is an accredited training that culminates in at least one credit on the NQF. The accumulation of credit-bearing skills programmes may lead to, or contribute towards a full qualification. Skills programmes are appropriate for people who have a shortage of critical skills or for the lack of having obtained a full qualification. Unlike learnerships, there is no tax incentive (for the employer) associated with skills programmes.

Skills programmes can be performed at several levels on the NQF and learners on skills programmes receive credits for every unit standard completed successfully. These units can be carried across as credits for partial completion of qualifications (known as portability of unit standards) and used for changing career paths or diversifying the field of expertise.

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CATHSSETA offers bursaries to prospective learners through institutions of higher learning and employers. Learners applying for these bursaries need to be studying towards a qualification that is relevant to our sub-sectors. The bursaries form part of our discretionary funding, which means these learning institutions or employers do not have to be levy payers in order to apply for the funding to provide the bursaries.

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