Available Learnerships In South Africa
Available Learnerships In South Africa

ABB Graduate Internship Programme 2023 – 2024

ABB Graduate Internship Programme 2023 – 2024

ABB Graduate Internship Programme 2023 – 2024

ABB Graduate Internship Programme 2023 – 2024

This international company employs more than 150 000 people and boasts of branches throughout the world. However, its headquarters can be found in Zurich, Germany. This company came to life in 1883 and has grown with tremendous greatness since then. ABB is known to be one of the global leaders in the fields of power and automation technology.

ABB delivers solutions that improve the production, superiority, and effectiveness of all operations run by their clients. They are leaders delivering exceptional innovation to modern society. Within their South African branches, they offer clarifications to circulation networks, power infrastructure, and associated systems or networks.

If you dream of being part of an international firm, if your love and passion in life are technology, then the ABB internship programme may just be the perfect place to hang your hat. Candidates can rest assured that they will receive training from the best minds within each field.

If you deem yourself ready to take on the world solving energy problems, delivering sound IT solutions and more, then ABB may be the ideal place for you to start.

ABB Internships Available

ABB has a variety of fields that candidates may consider. Nonetheless, most of their fields will be within the technology industry as they are one of the companies known to be at the forefront of technology. Candidates will gain hands-on experience and great knowledge within all fields.

Within the Engineering field candidates may look at the following:

  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Mechanical
  • Material Science
  • Civil
  • Computer
  • System
  • Software
  • Chemical

Within the Supply Chain Management candidates may consider the following:

  • Supplier Management & Quality
  • Sourcing Execution
  • Compliance Management
  • Material Scheduling
  • Requisitions
  • Purchase and Ordering
  • Supply Data Management
  • Performance Management
  • Category management
  • Receipt Processing

These are just some of the fields that may be available for candidates to consider.

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ABB Graduate Internship Programme: Requirements

You should have a BSc or B-tech or Diploma in any of the areas mentioned below. In addition to the hunger to learn, you should demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills, problem-solving, creativity, and innovation complemented with solid interpersonal and leadership skills and high self-confidence – this would make you the ideal candidate.

Very Important: Please attach your academic record to your application. Your application will be immediately disqualified if this document is not attached.

Each internship will have its own set of requirements depending on the field. There is, however, a basic set of requirements candidates need to have.

These requirements are as follows:

  • Candidates must hold a valid Matric along with a degree within the selected field
  • Candidates must be fluent in English, additional languages a plus
  • Goal-orientated and passionate
  • Mature and willing to work with diverse cultures
  • Flexible and open to new ideas
  • Balanced personality
  • Ambitious with real-life and career goals
  • Honest, open and trustworthy

Application for ABB Graduate Internship Programme

ABB internships online applications are made accessible once the specific internship opens. To see what internships are available currently, candidates can open their site and go to the careers page. Here you can do a search for open internships within all the countries where ABB has operations. In the long block just below the map, you must enter ‘trainee’, then select the ‘Find’ button. Just below this block, all open internships will appear.

Candidates can now scroll through the selection provided, each will stipulate the job title, location, job function, and type of role. When you find one suitable for you, you can see more details by simply clicking on the job title. Another page will open giving you all the required information, as well as an opportunity to apply.

Candidates can also narrow their search by selecting the country, city, job function and type of role just under the block where they have inserted ‘trainee’.

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Once candidates select the ‘Apply’ button on the desired internship they want to apply for, they will be re-directed to another page where they must register, providing all their personal details and upload their curriculum vitae. Please also ensure you have certified copies of all relevant documentation at hand to upload when asked for it. Also, ensure you complete all fields fully and truthfully.

Before submitting your application for any ABB Internship Programme it is highly recommended to re-read it, ensuring all information is supplied and correct. Candidates may also save their application and return later to complete it if desired. When submitting the application, candidates will also be given the option to grant access to their information to the recruitment team, it is recommended to select this option, making your application available for other internships within that specific field. Once this is done, simply send your application.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview, an online English test along with an assessment. Additional information will be provided to selected candidates.

ABB Internships Closing Dates

Each open internship provided by ABB has a different closing date, this is due to the fact that these only become available as a need arises within the company.

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