Learnerships for Law Students 2021

By | May 5, 2021

Learnerships for Law Students 2021

Learnerships for Law Students 2021

With Learnerships for Law students, there are numerous career options. You can become a legal service manager, a lawyer or start working in Law administration.

With learnerships for law students/graduates, you can gain valuable hands-on knowledge in your chosen career. Some companies not only offer their interns practical experience but also theoretical.

Available Learnerships for Law Students/Graduates

There are a variety of career paths for law graduates. Here we have listed some of the general career paths offered.

General Law Students Learnerships:

  • Law Administration
  • Legal Service Councilor
  • Legal Service Manager
  • Law Contract Administration
  • Legal Secretary
  • Tax Law Consultant
  • Patent Attorney
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Executive

Companies offering Law Student learnerships

Learnerships for Law Students: Requirements

Requirements for careers in this field is usually very similar to most companies. There may be a couple of extra requirements, depending on the company. Candidates must always confirm that they know what the requirements are of the company they are applying to and that they meet them all. Below are some of the basic stipulations for careers in this field.

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